Friday, September 15, 2006

Finally... The first NIMC/AIMK Alumni meet in Delhi is happening this saturday.
The event is being planned in full NIMC style...UNLIMITED Drinks, Dance & Dinner.

All you need to do is to be there and ROCK THE PARTY. You are most welcome to bring your spouse/partner/ kids along.

Logistic details are given below...

Date/Time: 16th Sept 2006 - 7:30PM onwards

Venue: "Paradisso" ,

Address: A3, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

Landmark/Directions :
A Sigh board "BAR" is on the top of the building where
Paradisso is located.

Opposite: Hotel Corporate Park

Opposite: Hotel Bright Star Inn

Next to : Regale Inn

While coming from the Nehru Place Flyover, before one hits the GK
Flyover on the left hand side !

While coming from IIT, Cross the Chirag Delhi Flyover, and go towards
the Nehru Place Flyover. One would see the two hotels - Hotel Corporate Park and Hotel Bright Star Inn, Paradisso is just opposite (Right Hand Side) !

Shekhar Khera Says:

so the delhi chapter happened. I joined it late as i was coming from the 'Taj Mahal' ..but as they say 'its better late than never'. the party had a good mix of people from all batches, some that i knew and some that i didn't. lots of bacardi, music and josh! some usual nimc type dancing and some very special bollywood type. there were few casualities as usual but mostly things were under control.

cheers to folks who made it happen and cheers to guys who made it !!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Aji Issac Mathew Says :

1) Nostalgia 2006 – Old memories and new dreams

Nostalgia 2006, the alumni meet for our Institute Army Institute of Management (formerly known as National Institute of Management, Calcutta) was scheduled for Aug 26th after few changes. The college crowd (current batches MBA-9, MBA-10) was very much involved to make it special in all possible ways. It all started few months back when I started getting emails and calls for the student reps. I was happy and was expecting to see few batchies, who ones use to depend on GP (Gill palace, a road side dhaba, open for 24 hrs) for energy.

The day came when the NIMC countdown clock was about to reach the 0th count. I slept late the other night, as I had to do the usual last day preparation for the AIMAA presentation (AIM alumni association, a new venture to network the alumni). Got up somewhere at 9:00 in the morning (which is late as per professional schedule and early from NIMC point of view) and collected my new personal visiting card with the blog address in it and reached the venue at 10:45 IST. Read MOre>>

2) What did you miss at Nostalgia 2006>>

AIMAA presentation>>

Raja Gopal P B V Says:

The Alumni Meet : Nostalgia | 2@@6 | ...

One of my most beautiful and happening occasions in Calcutta, has just passed. It was Saturday, the 26th of August, when our Alumni Meet ( Nostalgia 2006 ) was scheduled. Waiting for this day since a couple of months, I had reached my institute at 1700 hours, after my office ( The meet started at 10:30 AM ). Students and Alumni to see everywhere, it was like, the institute was trying to accommodate whole of the world in it’s campus. The sight of our Institute and the vertically held banner of Nostalgia 2006 on it, was so refreshing from one side and highly nostalgic from the other, that I am falling short of words to express. I had to meet ‘N’ number of people before I cud actually enter the hall, where the cultural program was being held.

Soon after this, as we came out of the hall, we started standing, sitting, and moving around all those places where we used to be, during our college days. The DJ’s time has finally come. The Basket Ball court was well decorated with large and very large speakers all around. The music started going over our heads and the dance party has taken off, as the last event for the day before the dinner. We jumped here and there for some time, to the music, as we were habituated to, not being civilized on the dance floor. As time was racing away and hunger had challenged our physical strength, we had to end the first phase and enter the mess for dinner. The same old standing in the queue carrying spoons and plates, repeated and we really enjoyed behaving as students for some time. After the wonderful dinner, where we actually did not eat much and rather spent time chatting with all others, we went for the second phase of being jumping jack. We didn’t even realize that we were on the floor for two long hours and had to stop when were informed that, the music is not going to continue anymore. All the alumni ( I was no different ) was very reluctant to move away from the place, BUT WE HAD TO…..

Kudos to all those who were involved in conducting this event and thanks to all those who have attended and made it a success. Last, but not the least, the memento ( A Table Clock ) which was given to the alumni who have attended, needs a special mention.

Anusree and Naveen [AIM Alumni Co-ordinators] Says:

Dear alumni,

Nostalgia 2006,took off with a bang on the 26th of August in LH-2 at 10.30 am.

The alumni was welcomed by Anusree Bhowmick ,Alumni Coordinator,MBA9.
Nostalgia 2006, Daswa Saal Ka Dhamal was on a roll from then. Director Dr K K Chaudhuri & Registrar, Col T R Nial addressed the alumni & students.

Programme started at 11.00am,AIMAA was the first thing on everyone's mind so it is not a surprise that it should be the first programme. Aji Issac Mathew of MCA3 gave a PPT on AIMAA as an association and the benefits it will reap for AIM. Other coordinators of AIMAA were also present there to talk on the registration and working of AIMAA.

Students were also quite interested to promote AIM as a brand all across India & we hope this dream comes true. Questions and answers followed where students were interested to know that how AIMAA would help build in a brand image of the college in the corporate circles.

Saket Prabhakar of MBA 4 came all the way down from Delhi to attend Nostalgia 2006, sir is the AIMAA coordinator of the Delhi chapter alongwith Siddharth Kharbanda, MCA5.

Saket sir spoke on AIMAA & it's importance to this college,he also felt that students who pass out of this college should make their college known in the companies they work, only then can brand image of AIM be built on a large scale.

This was followed by a session of introductions by our alumni to the students of MBA 9 & 10.

Post Lunch session saw the launch of the institutes unofficial website by Narendra Kumar Singh, MBA 9. He has designed,developed & created the website with new features and additions.Congratulations to him coz he did an awesome job,everybody present there liked it.The website address is Do check this site because Narendra needs a lot of ideas from all of you to improve his efforts.

Well we also had what we call as a healthy interaction with our seniors, skits, songs & of course How's The Josh, was a part of everything.

Evening programme started around 5.30 pm with Tanvi Garde MBA 9 & her group performing songs.they gave an awesome performance as Tanvi is famous for, Soumo & Vidya of MBA 9 performed solo songs which were liked by all. This was filled in with skits by Charu & Saptarishi's gang,they too entertained the crowd with their sense of humor and acting alongwith MBA 10 junies. Congratulations to all of them.

Well the dance performance acted as a catalyst for everyone, Charu, Amrita, Hema & Shuchi led the MBA 10 junoirs to rock the show. It wasa great performance.

Well the grand finale was the dance party, this time it had a different venue, the Basket Ball Court looked beautiful with all the lights and the shamiana looked so pretty. All of them danced to the foot tapping music of the DJ and senior alumni's enjoyed their meal under the tree outside reliving their AIM days.

Institute looked so pretty with the lights and the out of this world banner designed by Narendra MBA 9. For pictures click on this link

We hope that Nostalgia 2006 remains in everybody's mind until it is the time for Nostalgia 2007 where we will also be a part of all you.

Good bye see all of you next year.

Anil Kumar M. Says:

Dear alumni,

Please join me in congratulating Ms.Anusree Bhowmick & her team who had done a commendable job by conducting Nostalgia-2006 in a grand fashion. The banners and the other techie support provided by Mr.Narendra needs a special mention. I hope detailed presentation of the whole show will come in the group very soon. Once again my heartiest congratulations to all those who were involved in making this show directly or indirectly a success.

The first regional meet of AIMAA also took place in Hyderabad at the same time when meet was going on in Kolkata. Now that the beginning has been made, I request the regional coordinators to take time out from otherwise busy schedules and plan out a day for the respective regional get togethers. We need more active participation from all the the alumni..( I know sounding like a monday morning bossy talk which we brush it aside...). But still...

MBA-9 guys!!! next frontier for u...inferno..go for it. Also now u can add MBA-10 guys to the group. Add them. Congrats once again...all the best for rest all events.

AIM Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
AIMAA Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Prabhu Prakash Says:

Dear friends
Both the Convocation and the Alumni meet were one of the best of the AIM (Nimc) history well coordinated by MBA 9 & 10.

All the programs including the convocation ceremony, Alumni meet (AIMAA presentation the Dance programs presented by Charu and party and the play were of very high standards).

The president Mallik and the student’s affairs Navjeet and Jha have done a commendable job for convocation and the Alumni coordinators Anusree and Naveen had done a great job for the alumni meet. And the mess coordinators Hema and Sanjeev for the excellent food. Keep up the high spirits and All the Best for Your Future.

Thanks u all MBA 9 & 10 for giving us back our memories.

How’s the josh…………………

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Level 2 Towards AIM Alumni Association Formation
Dear All,

We have now decided to take the Association program to the next level.

We are very much encouraged to see the response but the challenge now would be to maintain the momentum and to take charge. Voluntarily.

For our part, with detailed discussions with some senior alumni, we propose to have following structure to set things under motion.

The registration of the society and other legal procedures will be taken care by Hyderabad team. Rest of the procedures have to be taken care regionwise. Each region will have an active member and a guiding leader. Active member will be from recent batch whereas the leadership will be provided by someone from pioneer batches. For this thing to click we require each of the
member in the respective zones to give one hour per week for the association work.

Let us briefly explain teams per region:

1.Kolkata (Head office):

Aji Issac Mathew, Sachin Narang/Kousik Chatterjee,Piyu dutta and Rajesh kumar Rana

2. Bangalore( Chennai & Hyderabad included):

Rakesh Gopinathan, Ebbenzer Julius,
Rakesh Nair, Lijjo Ittoop, Anil Kumar M

3. Mumbai (Pune Included):

Dinesh Upreti, Nidhi Jena, Navneet Kumar Tiwariand one more.

4. NCR:

Siddharth Kharbanda, Saket Prabhakar, Siddharth Jain, Preet Sarai.

The names are indicative. It could be suitably changed based on recommendations and interests. These teams will start tracking down the alumni across their cities and a comprehensive database will be made. Myself and Lijjo sir are looking into the society registration. The physical registration will be taken care by head office and account will be set up in Kolkata. We have to decide who will be the signing authority and other issues.

The initial funding requirement would be met by contributions from volunteers. We do not wish to aggressively pitch for contributions. All of you who are comfortable with it, may do so on your own. Rest assured, all the financial processes would be strictly monitored and would be available to the members on demand/on regular basis!

The website will be set up and run by Aji sir and Rana.

The current alumni coordinators would be actively involved in the process and they are expected to act as an interface with college management. I have already had a talk with the management and they will be helping our cause in every possible way. The current batches will not have anything to do with this association.

It is again to be highlighted that suggestions and inputs would be highly appreciated at any point. The discussion forum is very much alive and would be closely watched.

A special request to all of you: in case you have a database of NIMC crowd (relevant and current), do forward the same to either myself or Rakesh Nair.

Looking forward for all of your constant support and ideas. Let us all start working from now. Our deadline is 9th september or rather Second Saturday of September. All the members whose phone numbers are not mentioned with their names are requested to kindly give their numbers in this forum.

Posted By Anil Kumar @ AIM/ NIMCAlumni Group

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The hotels in kolkata are raising their prices this august as they expect a rich crowd to be here. Mr Budda is busy preparing Red carpet for the corporates this august.

It is NIMC/AIM alumni meet again

Why you be there? Update your profile (fill in the field which says "will you be attending this alumni meet?") and let the world know.

Inspire others and enjoy the party.


Friday, September 23, 2005

The Army Institute of Management (AIM) (Formerly, National Institute of Management Calcutta) (NIMC) was established on 28 July 1997 by the Indian Army under the aegis of Army Welfare Education Society (AWES), New Delhi, to conduct state-of-art Management Programme for the wards of Army personnel with an opportunity for the general candidates as
well. The eco-friendly campus is spreaded over nine acres of land at Alipore, in the heart of the City of Joy. Name of the Institute has been changed to Army Institute of Management, Kolkata with effect from 11 Feb 2005.